The Price Of Pollo

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We spent the morning about 20 miles south of Oaxaca in a town called Zaachila. Thursday is market day there. And Zaachila, like Mitla, is built right on top of unexcavated Zapotec and Mixtec ruins. (How important this town was in Zapotec times and how it became a mix of Zapotec and Mixtec is a story worth telling but not here and not right now). We took a collectivo (7 pesos) from our town Huayopaum to Oaxaca, south of the zocalo, where we could get a collectivo (9 pesos) to the Zaachila zocalo, where the market is.

And then there was the guy and his wife down by the fountain, where the sides were plenty and the chicken was plenty good and less expensive then Mary’s