Tealimone, Romero, and a little Orange

Within the ritual of taemescal, I saw the prettiest of metaphors, how after bathing in steam infused with romero and orange, while drinking tea made from the same with taelimone the high flavor note I was made to feel as if I was being prepared to be served up as the main course in a wonderful banquet. That is I was being made good enough to eat, all foulness and corupttion was being sweated out of me, and i was being seasoned with the most fragrant and flavorful of herbs and spices. I would eventually be made into a delicatable main course.

You can see how this folds around, that whatever we eat has to become part of our bodies and deserves the same respect, the same ritual, the same purification and wholesome ness. That what we eat is ourselves and should be treat with absolutely the same respect we show our bodies. We are best served by treating the animals and plants we eat as if they were honored guests at the banquet.

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